By Parker Butler

Buena Vista residents will vote for two members of the city’s school board on Tuesday. Lisa B. Kerr and John S. Roberts are both running for re-election this year. There are no other candidates.

Kerr and Roberts began serving as school board members to fill unexpired terms of other school board members. Roberts assumed his seat on the board in January, and Kerr filled in as a board member in May. Therefore, this will be the first time either candidate is running for re-election.

When re-elected, Kerr and Roberts will each serve a four-year term.

Among the issues facing the school board is Enderly Heights Elementary School. The school was not accredited by the state this year because of low scores on the Standard of Learning tests. The school board is also looking for a new Enderly principal after the current principal, Christy Harris, resigned.

Neither candidate was available for comment. Buena Vista residents will vote on Tuesday at the Municipal Building. The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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