By Burl Rolett

Six Rockbridge County roads remained closed Thursday after heavy rain caused flooding in Lexington and the surrounding area.

Floodwaters have blocked portions of Routes 624, 631, 736 and 751 north of Lexington, and Route 670 and 674 to the west.

Robert Foresman, Rockbridge County emergency management coordinator, said that four other roads were closed Wednesday night but have since been reopened. reports that 1.8 inches of rain fell on Wednesday. It was Lexington’s largest single-day rain event of the year.

Marshall Barnhill, spokeswoman for the Virginia Department of Transportation, said no road damage has been reported, but she said she does not know how long it will take for floodwaters to recede.

Foresman said he believes all Rockbridge County roads should reopen by the weekend. There is no more rain in the forecast for Lexington for the rest of the week.



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