By Chelsea Stevenson

After reports of bursting pipes and water gushing in driveways, the city has resumed its water meter installation project. Two weeks ago, the installation of new water meters and backflow prevention devices was halted.

City officials recommend residents buy a water heater pressure valve to avoid flooding and other problems when new water meters are installed.

The city received 23 reports from homeowners who have experienced problems that included flooding. City council members said they believe the backflow prevention device is the cause.

For now, the installation process on the remaining 900 to 1,000 homes will not include the back-up device. But, eight months from now, the device will be installed once the city has made changes in the process.

The city council has not decided how it will handle the reported problems but has asked City Manager Jon Ellestad to research a few options. Until then, residents are urged to purchase expansion tanks or pressure valves for their home water systems.


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