No surprises for the uncontested Lexington elections

Mayor Frank Friedman was reelected as mayor of Lexington. Photo by Rockbridge Report.

By Mary Alice Russell

Local elections for the city of Lexington produced the expected results.

All of the local races for the city were uncontested this year, which means that all candidates automatically got their position.

Frank Friedman will continue to serve as the mayor of Lexington for the next four years.

Friedman got nearly 93% of the vote.

“Thank you for the honor of the opportunity for a second term,” Friedman said. “I hope to do good things for our community.”

Councilwomen Marylin Alexander and Leslie Straughan are keeping their seats on city council, and Charles Aligood will take the place of Michele Hentz.

All candidates running for Lexington City Council were uncontested. Photo by the Rockbridge Report.

All three won their seats. Alexander received the most votes with 1498. Straughan’s votes totaled 1487

and Aligood received 1328.

“Absolutely fantastic to see the biggest voter turnout since I have been living in Lexington for over thirty years. The political chaos as well as the pandemic have changed the way people are voting,” Aligood said about the election.

Two other citizens, Kate Crossman and Amber Poole, were running for city council, but they dropped out of the race for personal reasons. Their names still appeared on the ballots, but voters received a supplement that explained that the two women took themselves out of the running.