By Caroline Blackmon

A dispute involving House Mountain and the rights to log the land will go to court on Wednesday.

The Rockbridge Area Conservation Council (RACC) is a nonprofit that has been managing House Mountain land for over 25 years. RACC was able to purchase the land with the aid of the Virginia Outdoor Foundation.

This co-ownership agreement broke down a few years ago when the VOF wanted to begin logging the land and building a parking lot. The dispute is about whether the co-ownership committee can settle this conflict, whether the VOF can leave the contract and, generally, how this will all work.

The hearing will most likely continue through Friday. According to the Washington and Lee University Outing Club, this case might determine whether logging will be allowed on House Mountain, as well as changes to the access to trails and public rights to the land.

The case is open to the public and will be heard this Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the Lexington Rockbridge County Courthouse. 

A dispute over House Mountain land will go to court on Wednesday morning. Photo by Jennifer Law Young
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