By Carolyn Holtzman and Patrick McCarron

The Washington and Lee University Student Health Center reported seeing 15 to 20 students in the last few days with stomach-related illness.

Dr. Matthew Crance with the W&L clinic said symptoms they’ve seen include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. He also said three of the 10 beds in the health clinic are currently occupied by students with the stomach illness.

The cause of the stomach bug has yet to be determined. Crance said health center doctors have not identified the illness as a virus or infection.

The Marketplace at Washington and Lee is taking precautions to stop the spread of the stomach bug. The Marketplace is the dining facility used by all first-year students and some upperclass students and professors.

“They are using paper products and serving the salad bar to us instead of letting us get it ourselves,” a W&L first year student said. “It’s scary.”

Marketplace managers were in a meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss the outbreak. They were unavailable to comment on the outbreak.

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