By Logan Nardo and Chelsea Gilman

After Creigh Deeds was attacked early Tuesday morning at his home, responses have poured in from officials all over Virginia. Government officials from both parties have expressed their condolences on Twitter and to the press.

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Lexington mayor Mimi Elrod said, “He has represented our city off and on for some time… the community has known him well. He’s well liked; he knows everybody’s names. I could just go on and on. And this is such a tragedy because he is a fine, honest, decent person. He is a kind of representative who works for the good of the whole.”

Board of Supervisors member Buster Lewis said, “I’ve known and supported him for an awful long time. He’s a good, decent and balanced man. He always brought Gus to events and you could tell Gus wasn’t the type of person you could warm up to but he was there so you could tell Creigh tried to help him with his afflictions.”

Local Democratic Party Chair Joe Skovira said, “It’s a tragic situation. We the Democrats of Rockbridge County know Creigh Deeds very well. He’s always been a very supportive, fine gentleman. This is very overwhelming news. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and we hope for a quick recovery.”

The Governor’s mansion, U.S. and state senate offices have all issued responses to the news from Bath County.

For more about the Twitter response to the Creigh Deeds assault and his son’s death, see how his followers are supporting him with #CreighTunes.

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