By Shannon McGovern

With incumbent Carroll Comstock retiring after an eight-year tenure, three candidates are competing today for his seat on the Board of Supervisors representing the South River District.

The three contenders, Ronnie Campbell, Eric Sheffield and Gene Tilles, share a common goal for bringing businesses to the county if elected.

Campbell, the father of five girls, sat on the county school board for 10 years.  As he campaigns for the Board of Supervisors job, he is still concerned about the county’s school system.  He openly opposes the consolidation of the two county middle schools.

Sheffield has based his campaign on a five-step plan that emphasizes the value of the county’s natural environment while promoting business and public services.  He says low taxes and a strong infrastructure will bring new business that will create job opportunities.

Tilles would like to see incentives designed to draw in new businesses, but he also supports a concise development plan that will preserve the area’s agricultural nature.  He said this approach would preserve farmland and open spaces, rather than lose them to scattered development.

The elected candidate will join new representatives from the Natural Bridge and Buffalo districts, forming a majority of newcomers on the board.

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