Betty Trovato wins county treasurer’s job

Final Treasurer Results (Graphic by Shannon McGovern)

By Chelsea Stevenson and Paige Gance

Betty Trovato was elected Rockbridge County treasurer.  Trovato, the county’s chief deputy treasurer for the past 16 years, will replace her boss, Carol Hines, who is retiring.

Trovato won 50 percent of the vote. Challengers Vicki Agnor and Charlie Hileman, both who ran as independents, received 26 percent and and 24 percent respectively.

“I’m kind of surprised and very, very happy,” Trovato said at Salerno restaurant, where Republicans had gathered to celebrate.

Running for the office when her boss retired “is something I’ve thought about doing for several years,” she said.

Trovato, running as a Republican although local offices are non-partisan, has spent the past 25 years in the county treasurer’s office. After moving to Lexington from New Jersey, she started working as a clerk in the office. Since Hines was first elected, Trovato has served as the county’s chief deputy treasurer.

“I’m thrilled beyond words,” said Hines. She said Trovato’s best asset is experience. “She will never miss a beat.”

Trovato is already a part of the office staff, who she calls “friendly.” If elected, she says she plans to continue to maintain that environment.

“We’re pretty friendly now with the reception of customers,” says Trovato. “We’re constantly in touch and try to accommodate accountants and lawyers.”

She also plans to update the office’s technology and “bring it into the 21st century.” This would include online payments for residents, by credit card or electronic banking.

Agnor is currently the director of rental assistance. A native of the county, Agnor enjoys working with people and is looking forward to working with the community more if she is elected. Because of this, she focused her campaign on going door-to-door throughout the county.

“I do not do Sunday, I think that is a time for everybody to be together, with your family after church and just rest. But, I definitely do evenings and Saturdays,” said Agnor.

Agnor has also passed out pins, magnets, and door signs as part of her campaign. She includes pens to encourage residents to write down any questions they might have for her.

Hileman has over 30 years of experience as a businessman. Since he closed his last business, he has run his own farm and worked for the Rockbridge Farmers Co-op.

If elected, Hileman says, he is confident that as treasurer he will use the experience he gained from managing his businesses’ finances. He says he will make the treasurer’s office a more friendly environment.

Hileman’s campaign symbol has been his red tractor. He acquired the tractor in 2005 and assembled it himself.

“Red is a bold color,” said Hileman. “It [the tractor] represents rural America and that’s what Lexington is.”