Amtrak starts construction for a Roanoke stop

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Construction has begun on a nearly $11 million Amtrak platform in downtown Roanoke.

Norfolk Southern contractors work to take down the stage along the Railwalk on Norfolk Avenue. Display elements along the Railwalk will be i storage until the new platform is finished. (Republished with permission; by Heather Rousseau/The Roanoke Times.)


The project, which The Roanoke Times reported began on Monday, is expected to take around 10 months. Officials say passenger train service to Lynchburg and points beyond, including Washington, D.C., will then begin.


Local bus service to Lynchburg’s train station has been available for Roanoke customers, but public interest in direct service to Roanoke grew after Amtrak based its Northeast Regional train in Lynchburg.


The Northeast Regional starts in Lynchburg and runs through Charlottesville to Washington and New York.


For its Roanoke operation, Amtrak plans for one train to depart the city each morning and one to return at night. Ticket sales have not begun.